Our students love us, and for good reason. We take great pride in offering a premiere classroom experience featuring some of the top photographers and educators in the photo industry. But don’t take it from us. Read the testimonials below and discover why LACP is such a special place to learn photography.

Best money ever spent! Worth every penny! Learned more than I ever expected too. I feel more confident about using lighting equipment, a flash meter, and even my own camera. Great to be around a great bunch of really professional mature photographers. -Paula Steele, “Portrait Lighting Intensive” with Bobbi Lane


What a treat to have Mark Berndt as an instructor. We always ran out of time as there was so much to learn and everyone was so focused on the instruction. Class went by so fast and we all hated to leave at the end of each class as we were all craving more. Claire and Lisa were fantastic. Always very helpful. Thanks for yet another fantastic workshop. -Genia Ply, “Basic Photography III” with Mark Berndt


The class was so inspiring both in the things that Aline showed us and in the way she brought out the projects in everyone. I fee like I have a lot more to learn after this class and with all the information about competitions and showing work. I’m going to have a good foundation. -Participant in “The Next Step I” with Aline Smithson


I feel I went from being totally inept to actually taking photos I was proud of. -Participant in “Basic Photography I” with Marissa Roth


Julia is very easy to understand and is very encouraging. Good basic starting points and “golden rule.” Thank you! Thank you! I love this workshop and Julia. Very comfortable atmosphere! I will be back!! – Participant in “Crash Flash I: On-Camera Flash” with Julia Dean


[Mark Berndt] was amazing and I learned so much every class, there are many reasons why! Especially learning to shoot in manual. It exceeded my expectations, I learned far more than I thought I would! – Participant in “Basic Photography II: Diving into Digital” with Mark Berndt


I think this was a great class. I feel like I learned a lot about documentary/street shooting as my part of the group project. How to put a theme together as well as technical aspects. Learning how to design a book was also great and having everyone’s input was really helpful. Great group of people – awesome teacher. – Participant in “The Special Project” with Julia Dean


I finally got to learn how the camera works and what makes a good photograph. It taught me so much great information and turned me even more on to photography. – Participant in “Basic Photography I: The Fundamentals” with Julia Dean


Josh is a fabulous teacher. He gave tons of information – lots of important lighting set-ups. He is very generous with his information – very helpful – great great great!! – Lisa Bevis, “Intermediate Studio & Location Lighting” with Josh Sanseri


I loved the class. I’m so sad it’s our last day. I love the weekly assignments followed by Julia’s critique, most helpful. Hands-on, shooting pictures in class very helpful. – Participant in “Basic Photography I: The Fundamentals” with Julia Dean


Josh and Kevin were both great. As an amateur I felt comfortable asking questions. Both instructors were patient and answered questions without “snooty-ness.” I feel I have skills to push my photography to one more level. Thanks! – Participant in “The Crash Studio & Location Lighting Class” with Josh Sanseri and Kevin Scanlon


Peter is an amazing instructor who shared his knowledge openly. Information was straight forward, thorough and clear. – Participant in “Stock Photography: Six-Week” with Peter Bennett


I’ve been to a few workshops and the college-level courses. Mostly, the workshops and courses are an opportunity for the “instructor” to ramble, brag and rant. Julia is the rare teacher who genuinely deserves the title and accompanying respect. I’m very glad I took this course and I will likely be back in the future. Julia knows how to structure and run a class, keep people interested, and balance lecture with practice. Thank you!! I can actually use my flash now! – Steven Ford, “Crash Flash I: On-Camera Flash” with Julia Dean


Julia is approachable and easy and gracious. – Participant in “Crash Flash I: On-Camera Flash” with Julia Dean


OMG I Loved this class. It rocked, it was awesome and it was very helpful and I wish it lasted more than a week! – Summer teen participant in Paola M. Davila’s “Digital Photography for Teens (ages 13-15)”


Opened my eyes to so much about the process of taking a photo through processing to print. Also, I have the best exposure accuracy than I’ve ever had! Thank you for a highly professional experience! – Jen Lujan, participant in “Basic Photography II: Diving into Digital” with Mark Berndt


I felt like the class exceeded my expectations and it was great to try new things. Great class. So inspiring and so much fun! My skills have definitely improved and I am so grateful! – Participant in “Basic Photography I: The Fundamentals” with Julia Dean


Scott was an exceptional instructor and always makes learning fun. I will be doing much more night photography in the months and years ahead and have been inspired to perfect my skills in this art form. – Participant in “Afterglow: Shooting After Dark” with Scott Stulberg


Really great class. Very informative. I learned so much. Now I need to practice and then come back to learn more! Thank you Julia! – Participant in “Crash Flash I: On-Camera Flash” with Julia Dean


Amanda was wonderful. I learned such an incredible amount in a short period of time and had fun doing it. Amanda was so patient and helpful. I loved it and definitely will be back for additional classes! I would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning how to take advantage of all the features of their camera and improve their photography. – Ashlee Lynn, participant in “Digital Photography I: How to Use a Digital Camera” with Amanda Keller-Konya


Thank you so much for this wonderful class experience. It has changed my perception on photographing and the simple things that pass us by everyday that I used to overlook before photographing. This class was so inspiring and I look forward to more classes. – Kristine Swisher, participant in “Basic Photography I: The Fundamentals” with Amanda Keller-Konya


Fantastic course! Amanda was a great instructor. Knowledgeable, prepared, emotionally invested. She guided and inspired without any pressure to “succeed” or “do it right.” I feel comfortable, exploring, making mistakes, learning which is extremely important in a beginners course. So excited for my next class! – Participant in “Basic Photography I: The Fundamentals” with Amanda Keller-Konya


I loved Mark’s approach to this class. He was super positive while begin really informative. He presented us with a ton of valuable, practical information but did so in a way as to not overwhelm us. It helped that he incorporated humor into class. I feel more confident. Also inspired. Glad I took this course. Thank you! – Franny Iacuzzi, participant in “Basic Photography II: Diving into Digital” with Mark Berndt


Watching Julia work was art in and of itself. [I appreciated learning] the history of street photography and Julia’s generosity in sharing knowledge. She made the class? a party. A celebration, as photography should be. – Bronwen McGarva, participant in “Street Shooting in Los Angeles” with Julia Dean


Wow! I can turn a flash on, take meter readings and set up flash for a subject as a key light or a fill light. Don’t change a thing. What a wonderful class. – Mike Iwerks, participant in “Crash Flash I: On-Camera Flash” with Julia Dean


This workshop opened up my eye to the the abstract. Workshops should provide means for changing the way I photograph – add technique – point of view – challenge the know and familiar. This workshop did all these. – Participant in “Where Do You Stand?” with Jeff Jacobson


A very insightful, valuable workshop! Jeff has a unique eye for editing and finding the brilliance in [each] photograph we might otherwise overlook. Eye opening and “freeing” class. Would recommend to anyone looking to “free up” their photography! – Kris Korn, participant in “Where Do You Stand?” with Jeff Jacobson


Ken is a phenomenal teacher/photographer that pushed me out of my comfort zones and into art. [This class] exceeded my expectations with the level of passion, knowledge and inspiration I received from Ken. Great instructor. Great program!! – Lilit Arvahi, participant in “The Portrait Series” with Ken Merfeld


[Ken] really pushes his students to produce and to view their work as an artist. Through his vast experience and education he is able to interject his students with a keen sense of motivation and desire to be not only great photographers, but interesting people observers. – Kevin Harvey, participant in “The Portrait Series” with Ken Merfeld


The hands-on practice we were able to have with our cameras was invaluable. I went from shooting in automatic mode, praying I got the shots I wanted, to feeling comfortable shooting in manual mode. – Hana Ogawa, participant in “Basic Photography I: The Fundamentals” with Amanda Keller-Konya


Terrific class. I learned a lot and appreciate Amanda’s patience and incredible knowledge. The class was a very comfortable environment and I feel very inspired to continue my photography journey! – Participant in “Basic Photography I: The Fundamentals” with Amanda Keller-Konya