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Book Making/Design & Book Publishing

LACP Book Making/Design & Book Publishing
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This certificate can be completed mostly online.  Some classes may be offered in-person and/or as a hybrid experience.

The Book Making/Design & Book Publishing Certificate Program provides students the necessary skills to create, design and publish their own photo books.  Students will learn the importance of content, concept, sequencing, editing and technique as it pertains to producing a successful photo book.  Students should have an existing, cohesive body of work to gain most from the program.  Four required classes and one elective class are needed to earn the certificate.

(NOTE: Beginning students should complete the General Course of Study certificate program first before enrolling in the Book Making/Design & Book Publishing certificate program.)


Complete these four classes in no particular order:

  1. Creating Your Own Photo Zine with Jeff Phillips (Online – offered once each year)
  2. Publishing a Photo Book with Harvey Stein (Online – offered twice each year)
  3. Self-Publish & Design Your Own Photo Book with Elizabeth Avedon (Online – offered twice each year)
  4. Bookbinding for the Photographer: Sequencing, Printing and Binding Methods with Shawn Bush (Online – offered once each year)


Complete one elective class from below:

  1. The Art of Editing and Sequencing Your Photo Book with Eliot Dudik (In-Person – offered every other year)
  2. The Photo Book as Art with Susan kae Grant (In-Person – offered every other year)



(Regular price for the four required classes and one elective class is approximately = $3,575. Tuition includes automatic Individual Level Membership to LACP.)


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