With tremendous thanks and gratitude we acknowledge and recognize this special group of individuals who have graciously supported our Donor Circle initiative. In addition to having their names listed here on the LACP website, these folks we receive recognition on LACP’s gallery wall, website and catalogs, as well as complimentary admittance to LACP’s special events, including its Annual Fundraising Gala.

Brian Gannonfirst Member of the Donor Circle – Member since March, 2020
Andy & Sharon House – Members since April, 2020
Henry Steinway & Aline Smithson – Members since April, 2020
Joan Haseltine – Member since April, 2020
Todd Corey & Beth Dubber – Members since April, 2020
Evan & Jean Siegel – Membesr since April, 2020
Lyn Hughes – Member since April, 2020
Karen Constine & Ian Wright – Members since April, 2020
Margaret Lewis – Member since April, 2020
Elizabeth Gregory – Member since April, 2020
Leslie Neale – Member since April, 2020
Trey & Michelle Elkins – Member since May, 2020
Sona Chandwani – Member since May, 2020
Beth Schumann – Member since May, 2020
Susan & Jim Clifton – Members since July, 2020