Environmental Portraiture with Mark Edward Harris (Distance Learning)
Photo by Mark Edward Harris

Environmental Portraiture with Mark Edward Harris (Distance Learning)

  • April 25, 2020
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Distance Learning Class via Zoom

Photographing people in their natural environment can produce images that evoke a true sense of their character. But to properly capture and convey this information, the photographer must have both the technical skills and the flexibility to work in ever-changing environments. This one-day online workshop on environmental portraiture in the context of photo essays as well as in stand alone images will give participants the necessary confidence and foundation for photographing people in their environments that relate to them to tell the larger story.

The day begins with examples of successful environmental portraits then continues with basic lighting demonstrations with an emphasis on available, natural light and the use of properly color-balanced flash. And while lighting is one important element in the creation of a successful portrait, students will be encouraged to venture further into techniques that will help them connect to the essence of the subject before their lens. During an extended lunch break students can attempt then send in an environmental self-portrait as well as three of their own environmental portraits from their archives for an afternoon critique.

This workshop is suitable for photographers with little to advanced lighting experience, and is designed to inspire participants to create powerful, meaningful images of real, everyday people.
A link for the Zoom class meeting will be emailed to the attendees about one week prior to the start date. Please read the instructions included in the email. If you have additional questions please contact Kevin Weinstein or Janis McGavin at info@lacphoto.org.

One Session
Dates: Saturday, April 25, 10 am – 4 pm (includes two hour break from 12-2 pm)
Enrollment Limit: 15 students
Skill/Experience Level: Students should have a working knowledge of their camera and the ability to shoot in manual mode.
Tuition: $195



This course will be meeting online via Zoom. We encourage you to install and test the software on your device prior to the class.

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