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Nigel Parry ( began his photographic career in London in 1988 and moved to New York City in 1994. Since then, he has been commissioned by the most distinguished publications, advertising agencies, entertainment, corporate and music companies worldwide. He has been privileged to photograph not only celebrities but also the most important and influential figures of our time.

Some of his many accolades include: The European Magazine Award, The Award of Excellence from the U.S. Society of Newspaper Design, The American Society of Magazine Editors Portrait Award, Hasselblad Master Photographer, Communication Arts, ASME, Graphis, Photo District News, Art Director’s Club, International Photography and American Photography Awards among others.

His work has been exhibited worldwide at various art galleries, museums and festivals including; The National Portrait Gallery in London, The National Galleries of Scotland, The National Museum of Film & Photography, Le Festival Pour image Perpignan, and the Premier exhibit at the NY Photo Festival. He has also had the pristine honor of being the first portrait photographer to be invited to exhibit his work at the Cannes Film Festival.

Nigel is involved in several global children’s charities including the Starlight Foundation and Operation Smile. He has donated his time attending several missions on behalf of Operation Smile photographing children in the far remotes of China, Brazil, and India. His powerful photographs help to create a further awareness of the charity. In 2010, Operation Smile honored him with the Universal Smile Award for his photographic and charitable contributions.

His first book Sharp was published in December 2000 and is considered to be one of the most exceptional celebrity portrait books. His second book Precious was published in the fall of 2004. His third book BLUNT was published in the fall of 2006 with multiple exhibitions following the release in New York City. BLUNT is still today one of his most successful exhibitions. In 2007 his fourth book A Journey of Smiles was published on behalf of Operation Smile to benefit the charity with an exhibition following its release in New York. All books have received worldwide critical acclaim.

Parry’s iconic style can also be seen in his directorial video work. He is currently working on a series of video projects to compliment his print work.

Nigel Parry resides in New York City and the Hudson Valley.

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Nigel Parry

LACP Founder and Executive Director Julia Dean asks Nigel Parry ten questions about his background, career in and beliefs about photography

Julia Dean: What kind of photographer are you?

NP: I am a Photographer who specializes in people and specifically portraits – portraits I see being defined as images that were made with the consent of the subject, and they are co-operating on some level.

JD: How long have you been shooting?

NP: I began shooting only landscapes when I was 14 years old, began life as a graphic designer when I was 24, and moved on to shooting professionally when I was 28 years old. So basically about 30 years.

JD: Where did you get your training?

NP: Mainly on the job. ( I had a very lucky beginning and began shooting portraits almost overnight.)

JD: When did you know you wanted to devote your life to photography?

NP: When I was 28 and realized it offered up much more freedom than Graphic design.

JD: Did you ever come close to giving up?

NP: Nope.

JD: Have you sacrificed anything by being a photographer?

NP: No, but make no mistake, it’s a long hard road!

JD: What have you gained by being a photographer?

NP: 10 million plus air miles, and encounters with people in places that I could never have dreamed of in any other profession. It’s an amazing ride.

JD: What classes do you teach at LACP?

NP: None yet, but I’m open to offers!

JD: What do you love most about teaching?

NP: The opportunity to pass on what bits of stuff I know to enthusiastic folks. – and learning stuff from them!

JD: What advice would you give someone who is thinking about making a career in photography?

NP: It’s changed from the profession that it was when I was thumbing through photo books back in school, but if you love something, chase that love and with a bit of luck all the other stuff will follow.