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Tanya Robinson came to the Macintosh by way of MIDI music pro-action software and has been an independent Macintosh technical support consultant since 1998, her first system being the venerable Macintosh Plus. She has been an instructor at UCLA Extension, teaching introductory Mac classes as well as guest speaking in classes for Photoshop and Illustrator. Her experience as an independent contractor for a company servicing a wide range of customers and her time as manager of a computer graphic service bureau has provided her with a wealth of experience troubleshooting at the system and program level. Tanya has a commitment to finding ways to communicate technical information in a straightforward and easy to understand manner, making her an ideal teacher for creative professionals for whom computer jargon is a roadblock to using the very practical tools afforded by today’s computers.

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Julia Dean Interviews Tanya Robinson

LACP Founder and Executive Director Julia Dean asks Tanya Robinson ten questions about her background, career in and beliefs about photography …

Julia Dean:  What kind of photographer are you?

Tanya Robinson: