Photo of LACP male model at Disney Hall during a workshop, taken by One-Year Professional Program studnet Judy Wang

Photo by Judy Wang

Self-Designed Certificate

This certificate can be completed in-person and/or online.

The Self-Designed Certificate Program is a non-structured course of study, giving students the flexibility to create their own curriculum, tailored to their interests or specific needs. A minimum of six classes are required to ear the certificate, although students may elect to take up eight classes.


Varies. All classes and workshops are priced at 25% off the regular tuition.
NOTE: Students may NOT apply classes retroactively toward the self-designed certificate program. (Limit of one “Special Guest” workshop. Travel workshops excluded.)

Tuition includes automatic Bronze Level Membership to LACP.


To enroll in the Self-Designed Certificate Program, please pay the one-time candidacy fee of $250. All subsequent coursework will be priced at 25% off the regular tuition.


Please email OR 323-464-0909.