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Oaxaca, Mexico with Kevin Weinstein (Travel Workshop)

  • Thursday (Opening Dinner)
    July 18, 2024
    7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Friday (Instruction and critique)
    July 19, 2024
    9:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Saturday (Instruction and critique)
    July 20, 2024
    9:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Sunday (Instruction and critique)
    July 21, 2024
    9:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Monday (Instruction and critique)
    July 22, 2024
    9:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Tuesday (Instruction and critique)
    July 23, 2024
    9:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Wednesday (Closing slideshow)
    July 24, 2024
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Where the Eastern and the Southern Sierra Madre mountain ranges converge you will find the State of Oaxaca (pronounced wha-ha-ka) tucked away slightly above Central America.  With the surrounding mountains and valleys that are home to literally thousands of little communities and 16 active indigenous languages still spoken today throughout the state, you are sure to have an experience like none other.

Come visit the distinctive Oaxaqueño culture and see the harmonious collaboration of life between an indigenous and a modern world not found elsewhere in all of México.  Mexican and foreign tourists from around the globe are drawn to Oaxaca for its 17th-century architecture, cocktail scene, diversity of its vibrant artisan markets, outdoor lifestyle with never ending festivals and parades, Mesoamerican ruins dating back to 8th century BC, renowned and unique cuisine, as well as the smiles and kindness of its residents.

Your workshop will span seven days with a welcome dinner on Thursday evening, July 18th followed by five days of shooting with a commencement on Wednesday morning, July 24th for a group edit and show.  During your time in Oaxaca, the capital will be in filled with people descending to celebrate one of the most important and spectacular events of the year, Guelaguetza.  The capital will be in full bloom with an explosion of color, costumes, dances, street décor, music, festivals and parades, black mole, tamales, special breads, and mezcal.

Guelaguetza means “reciprocal exchanges of gifts and services” and was derived from the Mexican indigenous language Zapotec in keeping with the importance in indigenous cultures of sharing, reciprocity, and extended community.  While Oaxaca is a small state, there are 8 different and distinct regions and the festival that started in 500 BC brings all of these regions to the capital to share their varying traditions of music, dance, art, and food.  Each costume you will see, or traje, and dance has a local indigenous historical and cultural meaning. While the celebration has attracted an increasing number of tourists over the years, it is primarily one of deep cultural importance for the indigenous peoples of the state and is important for the survival of these cultures.

Guided by your workshop leader, Kevin Weinstein who lives and works in Oaxaca, we will meet at 9 am until 1 pm to discuss and view images from the previous day.  During this time, we will critique and discuss your work as well as address issues and concerns that are challenging you in order to find solutions to help propel you further.  The goal will be to have a project or vision in mind but also be open to finding other stories and possibilities as you explore the area so each student can create evocative and meaningful work in a such a miraculous city boiling with culture.

This is a workshop is not just for street photographers but is for those interested in documentary photography, New Topographics, street photography, landscape photography, travel photography and for those who want to celebrate reality in the world and not alter into conceptual imagery and projects.  This workshop will be an opportunity for some people to hone their vision and voice, and for others to cultivate your unique way of interpreting the world around you.  The goal will be to build a small portfolio of images for your experience.

This workshop is designed for intermediate to advanced. This is not a group tour workshop, and each person will be on their own to make their own pictures and find their own stories. 

Scroll down to see list of FAQ’s and further information.

All participants are asked to bring roughly 20 prints.  Please do NOT bring digital files. These images must reflect who you are as photographer.  It can be a story you have worked on in the past or a set of random images.  Please do not bring professional, commercial-based imagery.  Kevin wants to see your vision while off-the-clock. 4 x 6, 5 x 7, or 6 x 9 inkjet or machine prints are fine.


Kevin Weinstein combines the worlds of photojournalism and artistic photography to capture memories, moods, split-second moments, and momentous events. He’s been doing it since the darkroom ages. The instructions he was taught back then for developing photos has stuck with him: “If it is too light, add time; if it is too dark, take away time.” But in the years since, as film gave way to digital, Kevin has learned that time cannot be added or subtracted—only seized or lost. His art as a documentarian, storyteller and photographer is all about seizing the moment, and the meaning within that moment. Kevin is a master at stripping away the nonessential and capturing the essence of a person, place or point in time. The results: emotive portraits and candids, lively magazine spreads, and images that command attention amid the visual clutter that defines the digital age.



Early Bird (on or before January 31, 2024)
Non-Members = $1,695
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Regular Rate (beginning February 1, 2024)
Non-Members = $1,795
Members = $1,695


To register please scroll to the bottom of the page.


July 18-24, 2024. We will meet for dinner and orientation the evening of Thursday, July 18, at a local restaurant. Our first full workshop day is Friday, July 19. We will conclude on the morning of Wednesday, July 24 for a group critique and slideshow of the work taken during the workshop.

NOTE: Students will be expected to photograph in the streets of Oaxaca outside of regular class instruction and critique time.


A $500 deposit is required to reserve space in the workshop. The balance is due three months prior to the start date. Refund requests arriving before April 18, 2024 will result in a 50% loss of deposit. Refund requests arriving between April 19, 2024 and May 18, 2024, will result in will result in a 50% loss of the workshop fee. No refunds will be provided for requests arriving less than two months prior to the start date (from May 19, 2024 onward). All refund requests must be submitted in writing via email to


All instruction and location guiding, two local guides, a welcome dinner on Thursday, July 18, classroom rental for six days, and several instructional meetings and group critique. A trip checklist to assist with preparations will be sent before the workshop begins.


Airfare, lodging, and meals are not included (except the welcome dinner on Thursday, July 18). Any entrance fees and transportation around Oaxaca is also not included.


Limited to 10 participants


This workshop is designed to accommodate all camera formats and all skill levels from intermediate to advanced. Our goal is to introduce you to the distinctive Oaxaqueño culture and to help you advance your photography through creative personal expression.  Do note: this is not a group tour workshop, and each person will be on their own to make their own pictures.  We will help facilitate photography ideas and transportation to outlying pueblos.


Participants must be familiar using their cameras and have a basic understanding of photography fundamentals including how to download images and create slideshows in Lightroom or Bridge. Participants should be in good physical condition and able to comfortably walk several miles a day.


The summer is one of the best times to visit Oaxaca. Temperatures range between the 70s to low 80s during the day and the 60s°F at night. Oaxaca does sit below the Tropic of Cancer so you will find that 70 degrees does feel hotter here (however, not humid). From nightfall to late morning, you will find it pleasant and quite cool. Be prepared for both temperatures in one day. Also, it is the beginning of the rain season, so we advise bringing a small umbrella to put into your bag in case the afternoon rains and monsoons arrive. (NOTE: Do not wait to buy an umbrella in Oaxaca as they can be very hard to find.)


Each class session will be held at Céntrico in the neighborhood of Jalatlaco. This is less than a 15-minute walk from Centro and is the neighboring barrio to Centro. The address is:

Céntrico Jalatlaco
5 de Mayo 217-B, Barrio de Jalatlaco,
68080 Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, México


Each participant is responsible for their hotel accommodations, but we do have some recommendations for you below. Please book early due to the festivities that will be approaching.

Parador de Alcala Oaxaca
Quinta Real Oaxaca
Hotel Marqués del Valle
La Noria Centro Histórico
Casa de la Asunción
Boulenc Bed And Bread


Arrival & Departure Airport: Xoxocotlán, Mexico (OAX). It is recommended you arrive in Oaxaca at least a full day prior to the workshop (or more), so as not to be too jet lagged on the first day.


You are responsible for all your own meals/snacks during the workshop, with the exception of the opening night dinner. Anticipate lunch on-the-go and optional group dinners at the end of each workshop day.


• Book hotels and travel early. Guelaguetza is one of the most popular tourist attractions during the year.

• Start your research now into the history of Oaxaca, the people, the culture and start thinking of stories and ways to connect with the people. Research and read about Guelaguetza. The more you learn now, the better prepared you will be when you arrive.  Come with ideas of what you want to photograph.

• Please download the text application called WhatsApp and test it out with friends before arriving. Regular text messages are not the way people communicate here, or through the rest of the world, and all communication/texting/calls will be through WhatsApp. You do NOT need a special number, and you will be using your current USA number. Your SIM card from the US will function properly here in México.

• If you have travelled through México in the past but kept yourself in more touristy destinations or all-inclusive resorts, do know your experience will be much different in Oaxaca. While Oaxaca is the richest in culture thanks to its thriving indigenous communities, English is not spoken here. If you need, we can hire you an interpreter during your journey. However, do know that will alter your experience and ability to gather images in a spontaneous manner. A smile, basic attempt to communicate and kindness is universal. Allow yourself to be lost and to find your courage.

• All participants are strongly encouraged to buy trip cancellation insurance that covers workshop costs and non-refundable travel expenses. Also, we advise getting international health insurance for the period of the workshop. Most often, your health insurance from your home country will not be valid in México.  Please check with your insurance company.

• Please bring along a laptop loaded with Lightroom and Photoshop for nightly editing in your room as well as the final day where you will need to bring your laptop to class. Please already have working knowledge of your editing apps.

• Bring a USB sticks for transferring digital imagery each morning.

• We will ask workshop participants to follow and respect the local laws and traditions here in Oaxaca. This means that CDC methods might deviate from your own local CDC recommendations and/or laws and customs of other nations. In October 2022, most public indoor areas in Oaxaca will NOT require that visitors wear masks. However, some indoor spaces still do require a mask to enter. Please bring a mask with you. As COVID changes, Oaxaca’s laws might change as well.

• All course attendees, staff, and instructors must be completely COVID-19 immunized prior to taking part in this in-person workshop. After registering for the workshop, please send proof of vaccination to


Please email or call 323.464.0909

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