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⌖ We have hand-selected Master Photographers and Photography Professionals for this program who have the skills to guide you on your particular photographic journey. Through one-on-one meetings over the course of a year or six months, you can develop skills, complete a project, hone a portfolio or book or learn marketing strategies to ultimately pursue your photographic dreams.

Mentorship program
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How it Works

You may select either one Mentor to work with for an entire year or two Mentors to work with for six months each. The Mentors’ profiles are available on our website (see below for list of available Mentors), and many have personal websites, but feel free to call us (p: 323-464-0909) to discuss which Mentor we feel might be right for you and your project.

You and the Mentor will then be put in touch via email and will set up a time to have your first meeting via phone, Skype, or in-person (depending on location). From there you will discuss your goals and set up the schedule of meetings for the duration of your time. All communication with your Mentor will take place remotely via phone, Skype or email, so you can live anywhere in the world and still benefit from a Mentorship. (If you Mentor lives locally, meetings can also be arranged in-person.) Mentorships can start at any time.

In your first meeting, you and your Mentor should discuss your goals and aspirations for the duration of the Mentorship and create a timeline for your meetings. Each Mentorship will be slightly different, but you are guaranteed a minimum of six sessions with one mentor (60 minutes per session), and three sessions each with two mentors (60 minutes per session).

Program Options

All mentorships last for a year, and consist of six 60-minute sessions. Choose between:

  • One Mentor – Meet six times with the same mentor over of the course of the year
  • Two Mentors – Split your sessions between two mentors. You will have three sessions with one mentor over a six-month period, and then three sessions with a different mentor over the next six months

The Mentors

Please note that some of our Mentors may only be able to work with one or two Mentees at a time. If a mentor is Currently Booked you may either select another Mentor to work with, or be added to the waitlist to work with the Mentor when he/she becomes available.


Consider becoming an LACP Member! $125 for Individual Membership OR $13/month; $75/year for out-of-state residents; $65 for students, educators and veterans. Click here to join!