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Photo-Immersive Retreat Workshops

Exposure Portfolio Reviews

⌖ Photo-Immersive Retreat Workshops

Learn, Connect and Grow with Industry Legends

May 2025
Details to come

Escape to creativity with our exclusive Photo-Immersive Retreat Workshops in sunny Southern California. The retreat provides an unforgettable experience led by the biggest names in photography. Immerse yourself in hands-on workshops, inspiring lectures, and breathtaking photo excursions. Elevate your skills surrounded by California’s natural beauty, stunning landscapes and vibrant culture. Our photo-immersive retreat workshops offer a unique opportunity to learn, connect, and grow in the company of industry legends. Don’t miss your chance to capture unforgettable moments and make lifelong memories.

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2024 in San Diego

Photo Immersive by Michael Rababy
© Photo by Michael Rababy

⌖ Exposure Portfolio Reviews

Elevating careers and fostering connections

September 11-15, 2024
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Exposure Portfolio Reviews offers artists and creatives an online platform to showcase their portfolios and receive expert feedback from renowned, international professionals. Reviewers are selected for their expertise, as well as their curatorial and professional backgrounds. Participants can expect to receive candid feedback, valuable insights and constructive criticism about their images, as well as professional advice about exhibitions and other opportunities.

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Exposure by Mia Barnes
© Photo by Mia Barnes