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Ali LeRoi ? Featured LACP Member, January 2016

Ali LeRoi

Artist Statement
Photography for me is meditation, memory, and connection. Taking time to consider what something is. Why something is. Who someone is. Photography freezes the fractions of sections in between all of the things I see and do and holds still all of the places and people I pass by and gives me a moment to consider them, inspect them, appreciate them, and remember them. While I have a focus on people, and exploring the breadth of their condition and their ability to connect to the world around them, as well as their ability to connect with me, I also venture into architecture as abstract, and it?s collision as form, as still life. Much of my work grows out of a strongly held sense of solitude and a desire to connect to the things around me. I have no hard and fast rules about purity or constraints around editing an image. I do what I feel. And show it. I assume that my body of work will take on a character as it grows, as I am it?s singular filter.

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