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Breyona Holt – Our Truths, Be Told – 2023 (video)

Born and raised in Atlanta, Breyona Holt is a photographer and videographer who illuminates the amaranthine beauty and color inherent to Blackness.

Inspired early in life by her father’s archival images, Holt’s work is one of provocation. She is interested in inciting conversations about how we color and capture Black skin, infusing her projects with a colorful, vibrant lushness that portrays the desires and complexities layered in Black experiences.

Collaborating with artists across music and fashion industries––including Normani, SZA, Giveon, Summer Walker, and Kimora Lee Simmons––Holt’s imagery meditates on ethereal tethers, always operating from a place of spiritual release. Her work ensnares, entangles: her subjects are poised to convey the precipice of emotional intimacy. To view her work is to stumble into a twilight zone of dreaming, secrecy, and enchantment.

The Video