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Documentary, Street Photography & Photojournalism

LACP Documentary, Street Photography & Photojournalism
© Peter Bennett


This certificate is mostly hybrid, meaning coursework will be offered online and in-person.

The Documentary, Street Photography & Photojournalism Certificate Program offers a well-rounded, comprehensive course of study in all three areas. Students will learn how to chronicle events or environments both significant and relevant to history as well as everyday life, how to photograph candidly featuring chance encounters and random incidents within public places, and how to effectively use imagery to tell a news story.  Four required classes and one elective class are needed to earn the certificate.

(NOTE: Beginning students should complete the General Course of Study certificate program first before enrolling in the Documentary, Street Photography & Photojournalism certificate program.)


Complete these four classes in no particular order:

  1. The Long-Term Documentary Project with Marissa Roth (Online – offered once each year)
  2. Working the Streets: Street Photography Basics with Ibarionex Perello (Hybrid – offered twice each year)
  3. The Photojournalist “Candid” Approach with TBA (Hybrid – offered once each year)
  4. Photographing in the Social Landscape with Thomas Alleman (Hybrid – offered once each year)


Complete one elective class from below:

  1. Meet-Up in LA with Peter Bennett (Hybrid – offered four times each year)
  2. Street Photography in the 21st Century: New Voices, New Strategies with Thomas Alleman (Hybrid – offered once each year)
  3. The Documentary Photography Narrative: Creating and Publishing a Project with Ken Light (Online – offered once every other year)



(Regular price for the four required classes and one elective class is approximately = $2,875. Tuition includes automatic Individual Level Membership to LACP.)


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