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Summer Camp Certificate for Teens

Summer Camp Certificate for Teens
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This certificate must he completed in-person (online classes are not offered for teens).

The summer camp certificate for teens is specifically designed for students ages 12-18. No experience is necessary to enroll. Four classes are required to earn the certificate (two required and two electives). The program must be completed during one summer term.
Students completing the program will receive a certificate issued by the Los Angeles Center of Photography.

You can study with extraordinary photographers like Sam Abell, Susan Burnstine, Fran Forman, Greg Gorman, Aline Smithson, Eddie Soloway, Richard Tuschman and Stephen Wilkes, among many more.


Complete these two classes listed below in order:

  1. Basic Digital Photography for Teens
  2. Intermediate Digital Photography for Teens


  1. Complete two classes of your choosing in areas such as composition, portraiture, urban landscape, fashion, Lightroom/Photoshop, and more.




How do I apply for classes retroactively?

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