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Eric Politzer ? Featured LACP Member, March 2016

Artist Statement
“?OUT! The Transformistas of Havana? is a celebration of performers, both gay men and MTF transgenders, in the gay cabarets of Havana. It celebrates their individuality, creativity, theatricality and, most importantly, their sense of confidence in who they are as individuals and their pride in being members of a larger community. The project explores a unique juncture where gender identity, politics, community mobilization and artist expression intersect in Cuban culture.

Historically gay cabarets have filled the role of community centers in Cuba in the absence of any other gay-owned or gay-friendly establishments. These cabarets have offered safe and welcoming places for LGTBQ people to gather and develop a sense of community.

The project offers a glimpse into a previously underground world, a part of Cuba rarely seen to the outside world that is suffused with the colorfulness, sensuality, conviviality, and hospitality that commonly are associated with Cuban culture as a whole.


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