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Erma Jean Randle (deceased) – Our Truths, Be Told – 2023

“She’s Always Been Worthy” from the Photo Albums of Erma Jean Randle (Grandmother of Kawai Tylise Matthews – Photographer, Director and Curator of “Our Truths, Be Told”)

“This is a group of photographs collected from my Grandmother’s photo albums. At her core, she was a documentarian and kept record of everything. When she transitioned last year, our family discovered well over 50 large photo albums, countless documents, special event programs, journals, Bibles, loose papers of her writings and so much more. We sat on the floor flipping through memories and countless envelopes of prints from back in the day. We spent days going through all of the stuff, real-life time traveling, completely overwhelmed with how much she had captured, collected and kept over the 83 years of her life. The images selected for this exhibit gave us her most cherished moments and portraits through the years” – Kawai Matthews

The Gallery

The Work

She’s Always Been Worthy
From Houston, Texas to Watts, California

Late 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s

Various Sizes