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1st Annual Photo Book Exhibition – 2019

Sep 13, 2019 – Oct 16, 2019

Commercial Category  
1st Prize – Mustang in Black and White, Kevin Bubriski
Honorable Mention: Escape Artist, Fran Forman
Honorable Mention: Love We Leave Behind, Cody Bratt
Juror’s Award: Parliaments of the European Union, Nico Bick
Juror’s Award: Atlantic City, Brian Rose

Self-Published Category
1st Prize – Oil Sands, Alan Gignoux
Honorable Mention: Six Months, Nathalie Ghanem-Latour
Honorable Mention: Vientre, Nadia del Pozo
Juror’s Award: Going Out, Christine Riedell
Juror’s Award: Bug out Bag, Allison Stewart

The Jurors:

Douglas Stockdale, Editor/Publisher of the PhotoBook Journal
Gerhard Clausing,  Associate Editor, the PhotoBook Journal; Editor/Publisher, SoCal PhotoExchange Journal


The Los Angeles Center of Photography is pleased to announce its first Photo Book Competition. Jurors Douglas Stockdale, Editor/Publisher of the PhotoBook Journal and Gerhard Clausing,  Associate Editor, the PhotoBook Journal; and Editor/Publisher, SoCal PhotoExchange Journal selected Winners in each category (Commercial and Self-Published/Handmade) as well as two Honorable Mentions and two Juror’s Awards. In addition, another 23 photo books were selected for the exhibition at Exposure and LACP.

The first exhibition of the Photo Book Competition will take place during LACP’s Exposure Weekend Portfolio Walk on the evening of Friday, September 13th, from 7pm to 8pm, at the Hotel MdR, Marina del Rey. Subsequently the juried books will be on display at the LACP gallery space in Hollywood, California, from September 16th to October 16, 2019.

Exhibiting Artists

Nico Bick, Dinesh Boaz, Julia Bradshaw, Cody Bratt, Jerome Brunet, Kevin Bubriski, Mike Callaghan, Nadia del Pozo, Carissa Dorson, Sandrine Elberg, Mark F. Erickson, Sally Ann Field, Fran Forman, Nathalie Ghanem-Latour, Alan Gignoux, Rohina Hoffman, Bootsy Holler, Greg Paul Jones, Jenna King, Muhammad Fadli, Marek Lapis, John F Martin, Victor Ramos, Christine Riedell, Brian Rose, Edward L. Rubin, SameSource, David Spagnolo, Allison Stewart, Ariel Swartley, B.A. Van Sise, Chris Wong, Baigazy Zhaxylyk (Jaqsylyq)

Juror's Statement

The judging and LACP support teams were very impressed with the breadth, diversity and creativity of the artists/photographer’s books.

“Over the next couple of months’, we will be providing book reviews of the two category winners, Kevin Bubriksi’s Mustang in Black and White, Commercially published photobook category and Alan Gignoux’s Oil Sands, Self-published category. We will be featuring a book review of a few of the other book submissions.”