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LACP’s First Annual “The Creative Portrait” Exhibition – 2015

Nov 6, 2015 – Nov 27, 2015


The Los Angeles Center of Photography proudly presents it’s first annual “The Creative Portrait” exhibition, an incredible collection of portrait photography selected by commercial photographer and LACP board of advisory member Art Streiber. 141 photographers submitted entries for the exhibition, representing over 800 works of art. Of these, 53 images were chosen from 41 different artists. This is annual “call for entry” exhibition in the fall of each year.

Juror, Art Streiber's comments . . . .

A portrait, according to Merriam-Webster, is “a painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders.”

According to, it’s a likeness of a person, especially of the face.

My definition of portrait isn’t literal, but it is traditional.

A picture of a person does not a portrait make. I’m not talking about people photography. I’m talking about intention; the intention of the photographer.

Portraiture certainly overlaps with other photographic genres sports portraiture, fashion portraiture, street portraiture, environmental portraiture and reportage portraiture, to name a few.

But the commonality between all of these sub-genres is that the photographer has deliberately attempted (and hopefully, succeeded) at defining his or her subject in some way. Something about the subject is revealed. We, the viewer of the portrait, know the subject, we attempt to draw conclusions about how he or she lives, works or thinks.

And the existence of the sub-genres brings up an important consideration: when is an image a portrait, a fashion portrait or a fashion photo (etc.)That, I think, is a judgment call.

While judging of the LACP Portrait competition, I attempted to keep all of those thoughts in the forefront of my mind; I attempted to understand what the photographer intended and then I reviewed each image based on how successful the photographer was at illuminating something about the subject.

I also considered, lighting, composition, color and contrast as a way of measuring the photographer’s intention as well.

Exhibiting Artists

Exhibiting artists include Alexandra Baran, Alison Roberto, Allyson Barnes, Annabel Graham, Anne Rumberger, Anthony Grippa, Ashley Feagin, Bernard Mendoza, Brenda Spielmann, Carl Volpe, Cassandra Plavoukos, David Miller, Diane Silverman, Elisabeth Caren, Eric Weiss, Evan Nesbitt, Hannah Shaffer, Isaac Burgess von Hallberg, Izabela Rose Tringali, James Kao, Jane Flynn, Joanna Kulesza, John Calpin, Jose Girl, Julia Dean, Kate Moxham, KC Slagle, Ken Deemer, Laura Ise, Lauren Willner, Louis Kravitz, Mara Zaslove, Mimi Fuenzalida, Norman Namerow, Pamela Peters, Peter Hastings, Rebecca Moseman, Rose Shulman Litwin, Tina Nieves, Tom Vani and Victor Ramos.