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LACP’s Sixth Annual Members’ Exhibition, 2019

Aug 10, 2019 – Aug 31, 2019

The Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP) proudly presents its Sixth Annual Members’ exhibition, a beautiful collection of photography selected by Douglas McCulloh, Senior Curator of Exhibitions, California Museum of Photography, Riverside. CA. Douglas selected 50 images (from 39 photographers) for the exhibition at dnj Gallery, showing August 10 – 31, 2019. As part of its mission, LACP strives to support its Members in many ways, including this annual exhibition, open to Members only.

The Juror:
Douglas McCulloh

The Juror

Douglas McCulloh is best-known for system-driven projects that combine Surrealist-inspired chance operations with high-volume photography. The artist’s major bodies of work are multi-layered and system-driven. His projects share a number of common elements: a basis in chance operations and sampling, high-volume image-making, the embrace of new technology, direct engagement with subjects, and the inclusion of layered information including photographs, text, maps, sound, and other data.

McCulloh has curated fifteen exhibitions, including three for the California Museum of Photography. The most noted of these is Sight Unseen: International Photography by Blind Artists, the first major survey of photography by blind artists. His curatorial projects have shown in diverse venues: Kennedy Center for the Arts, Washington D.C.; Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City; Canadian Museum for Human Rights; Flacon Art Center, Moscow; Center for Visual Art, Denver, Colorado; Manuel Álvarez Bravo Center for Photography in Oaxaca; Peterson Automotive Museum, Los Angeles; and Sejong Center, Seoul, South Korea.

McCulloh’s books include: The Great Picture: Making the World’s Largest Photograph; Dream Street; On the Beach; The Edge of Air ; and Chance Encounters. In addition to these monographs, his work has been included in scores of books, many by notable authors such as Lucy R. Lippard, Trisha Ziff, and Eric Renner.

McCulloh is one of six artists who transformed an abandoned southern California F-18 jet hangar into the world’s largest camera to make the world’s largest photograph. The Great Picture is regarded as a punctuation mark at the end of 170 years of film-based photography and the start of the digital era. The project has been the centerpiece of solo exhibitions at institutions such as the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing; Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles; Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.; and Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans.

McCulloh is a five-time recipient of funding support from the California Council for the Humanities. Projects, exhibitions, and publications have received support from numerous other institutions. They include the Getty Foundation, Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, James Irvine Foundation, Albert A. Dorskind Foundation, California Endowment, and California Historical Society.

Juror's Statement

“I am not particularly interested in avant-garde photography or traditional approaches, alternative processes or digital manipulations. I have no special fascination with the staged, the found, or the vernacular, with street photographs, portraits, landscapes, or any other molecular subcategory. What I love is the entirety of the art, the whole shambling, fabulous beast of photography. Which is why I reveled in the thousands of images produced by the members of the Los Angeles Center of Photography. (And why, like composing a photograph, it was torturously tough to decide what could be left outside the frame of this exhibition.) The process deeply reinforced another fact. Los Angeles is an uncommonly rich, complex, and wildly diverse creative ecosystem. It is a place where every type, flavor, and subspecies of photography interbreed continually and shamelessly. Enjoy the offspring, and carry on causing trouble.” – Douglas McCulloh

Exhibiting Artists

SameSource, Linda Alterwitz, Bonnie Blake, Weldon Brewster, Joan Lobis Brown, Douglas Caldwell, Susan Kaufer Carey, Tracy Chandler, Roxanne Darling, Eric Davidove, Matthew Finley, Jacques Garnier, Jennifer Georgescu, Sarah Hadley, Bootsy Holler, Andy House, Mark Indig, Alan Jacknow, Brian Kosoff, Laura Krasnow, J. K. Lavin, Yiwei Lu, Lisa McCord, Joseph Moche, Kitty Moffett, Alison Munsie, Rollence Patugan, Karchi Perlmann, Osceola Refetoff, Dotan Saguy, David Schulman, Bert Shankman, Christopher Sheils, Johanna Siegmann, Wayne Swanson, Jane Szabo, Mitchell Walker, Thomas Wheeler and Jonas Yip.