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LACP’s Sixth Annual “Street Shooting Around the World” Exhibition

Feb 7, 2020 – Mar 6, 2020

You are cordially invited to attend our Sixth Annual “Street Shooting Around the World” exhibition at the Los Angeles Center of Photography.

Top Winners:

Paul Kessel
TOP PRIZE WINNER (for a single image)
$250 gift card plus one-year Membership at LACP.

Thomas Alleman
TOP PRIZE WINNER (for a series/body of work)
$1,000 cash prize and guest speaker appearance during STREET WEEK in LA (February 3 – 10, 2020)

The Juror:
David Gibson


The Los Angeles Center of Photography proudly presents its Sixth Annual “Street Shooting Around the World” exhibition, a beautiful collection of photography selected by London-based street photographer David Gibson. 148 photographers (total of 1,215 images) submitted for the single image competition. 73 photographers (total of 886 images) submitted for the series competition. Of these, 39 photographers representing 60 photographs were selected for exhibition, showing at the Los Angeles Center of Photography, showing February 7 – March 6, 2020. This is an annual call for entry in the winter of each year.

The Juror

David Gibson ( has taken street photographs for over 30 years, much of it in London, a city he is fond of and knows very well. He is one of the founder members of In-public the international collective of street photographers and known for his work in both black and white and color which have been widely published and exhibited. This includes Street Photography Now (2011) an anthology of the world’s leading street photographers and the exhibition / book, London Street Photography 1860-2010 at the Museum of London.

David is also known as a tutor on his particular subject that is street photography which he views in its broadest terms. He has taught many workshops in London and other cities worldwide such as Beirut and Singapore and more recently in Lisbon and Madrid. These workshops led to his writing the book, The Street Photographer’s Manual (2014) with Thames and Hudson. The book has become a best seller around the world. His other books are 100 Great Street Photographs (2017) and Street Photography: A History in 100 Iconic Images (2019), both published by Prestel.

Juror's Statement

“These photographs are all culled from the ‘Street Shooting Around the World’ competition and like most competitions the entries were a mixed bag, some interesting, some from beginners feeling their way and then a scattering of real gems from those who are clearly more advanced. Yet as a whole these 60 photographs sit well together.

Of course my personal taste drives the choices but on the wall I would argue that each photograph here is capable of stopping the viewer however briefly. Some are a delight in composition, some ask questions and some are beautiful in some way.
Consider the mother on the New York York Subway with her two children. Perhaps she is slightly harassed after a long day as one child sleeps peacefully upon her lap while the other still has the energy to climb and stare curiously upon her mother. It’s beautiful moment — and it’s the winner in the Single series — but there are many others that deserve commentary.

A horse calmly stares back down a wintry street towards a photographer. It’s a curious understated photograph with a sense of mystery. Does the horse stand guard or is it waiting for something?
However perhaps everything falls upon the cheeky eye of a small Asian child. She stands, presumably with her family, who gaze obediently at a beauty spot. The little girl meanwhile has a sideways look. She’ll grow up to be a photographer, she’s got the eye.

60 street photographs then from photographers all around the world offer up a rich variety of humanity, some peopled, some not but all inspire. Take your pick, some will resonate more than others but I think this is a great little exhibition.”

– David Gibson

Exhibiting Artists

Andre Fonseca, Andrey Glazkov, Basak Prince, Carl Shubs, Chris Harrison, Clay Haskell, David Clarkson, David Ingraham, David Schulman, Edward Rubin, Gail Just, Gioia Kuss, Hollis Rafkin-Sax, Jace Knie, Jim Newberry, Jon Wollenhaupt, Joshua Stern, Kevin Weinstein, Leba Marquez, Lisa Smith, Lorence Cayabo, Marcin Piekalkiewicz, Mark Crase, Mark Holley, Maureen Bond, Michael Hacker, Michel O’Hara, Michelle Brody, Norman Schwartz, Paul Kessel, Richard Greene, Robin Bell, Safi Alia Shabaik, Sakulchai Sikitikul, Shanley Kellis, Shlomit Levy Bard, Terry Barczak, Thomas Alleman and William Workman