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Our Truths, Be Told

Feb 23, 2023 – Jun 23, 2023

An exhibition of multi-dimensional visual stories expressed by Black creatives and documentarians.

Opening pop-up reception on Thursday, February 23, 7-10 pm PST, 2023

In honor of Black History & Black Futures, LACP is proud to produce the pop-up exhibition Our Truths, Be Told. The exhibition is curated by Los Angeles-based Director/Photographer Kawai Matthews.


Each artist shares with us a series of pieces that showcase a narrative they want the world to know, experience and/or celebrate. We’ve created space for photographers, collage artists, filmmakers, projection artists and mixed media artists to submit works that are narrative-based, either objective or subjective. We aim to stitch together a beautiful spectrum of visual stories, a collage of Blackness…Our Truths, co-existing. Through this exhibition, we get up close and personal with the phenomenon and power of co-existing truths, perspectives and interpretations. No story is the same, and yet, we find oneness, connection and ourselves through the artists’ stories told.

The exhibition will be on display at Sovern, 5757 West Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016. An opening pop-up reception is scheduled for Thursday, February 23, 7-10 pm PST, 2023.

Please RSVP for the reception HERE.

Participating Artists

Tumi Adeleye, Jessica Bethel, Amber Clemons, Amari Dixon, A Brilliant Dummy, Breyona Holt, Constance Iloh, Ph.D., Texas Isaiah, Malaika Jules, Gbenga Komolafe, Hanna Leka, Maya June Mansour, Phylicia J.L. Munn, Qurissy, Erma Jean Randle (deceased), Myron Rogan, John Simmons, Liam Woods, and Bryant Woolcock

The Curator

Kawai Matthews is Los Angeles-based Director/Photographer that specializes in short form content for tv specials, award shows, episodic, brands, non-profits and corporate companies. With an extensive background in photography for editorial & entertainment marketing, paired with a strong graphic design skill set, she brings a uniquely creative and art-driven approach to producing and packaging content for various client types.

She’s completed projects for: Jesse Collins Entertainment (JCE), BET, VH1, Netflix, Tidal, Complex Networks, Meta, Disney, ABC, Brookfield, LA Pride, LA Times, ICF Next and many more.

As an internationally published and award-winning photographer, her ability to capture the depth of a subject, while delivering quality, awe-inspiring imagery is uncanny and unmatched. Shooting unforgettable moments of flair, confidence, substance and honesty in her subjects, her heavyweight portfolio includes some of today’s most celebrated entertainers.

Matthews also allocates her time to teaching and speaking about creative arts and entrepreneurship, placing community outreach and mentorship high on her list of priorities.

Artist Work

Tumi Adeleye
Jessica Bethel
Amber Clemons
Amari Dixon
A Brilliant Dummy (stills)
A Brilliant Dummy (video)
Breyona Holt (stills)
Breyona Holt (video)
Constance Iloh, Ph.D.
Texas Isaiah
Malaika Jules (stills)
Malaika Jules (video)
Gbenga Komolafe (video)
Hanna Leka
Maya June Mansour
Phylicia J.L. Munn
Erma Jean Randle (deceased)
Myron Rogan
John Simmons (stills)
John Simmons (video)
Liam Woods
Bryant Woolcock

The Reception

Opening night pop-up reception scheduled for Thursday, February 23, 7-10 pm PST, 2023. Tickets HERE.

The Location

Sovern, 5757 West Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016