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Xposed: A Photography Group Show

Sep 16, 2016 – Oct 21, 2016

The Los Angeles Center of Photography presents the exhibition, Xposed: A Photography Group Show, that celebrates a new collection of contemporary photography. Xposed is a testament to imagination and new ways of seeing that explore reality and fiction, hopes and aspirations, dreams and personal narratives. The exhibition embodies the personal work of thirteen fine art photographers developed during a year of dedicated focus, under the mentorship of Aline Smithson. The result is a celebration of today’s expansive photographic range of making work and considering our world.

Photographers Include

Elisa Haber, Sharon Johnson Tennant, Victor Ramos, Steve Engelmann, Paula Riff, Shari Marcacci, Deidre Schletter-Fennie, Ladini Conder, Megan Edwards, Tom Szabadi, Sally Ann Field, Beth Corey Dubber, and Amy Kanka Valadarsky.