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Gina Cholick

Member of the Month July 2018

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Artist Statement


n: chemical change occurring in a body of ore or in a rock-mass at a considerable depth in the earth’s crust

Metasomatism is a story about the inception of longing shifting into change. I spent years of my life feeling adrift, like something was on the tip of my tongue but I couldn’t quite remember it. All the while an urge was building within me. I wanted to step into life instead of being an observer. Change begins as a smoldering desire that persists and persists until it reaches a point of ignition. Over thousands of years heat and pressure turn tiny organisms into petroleum and coal into diamonds. I feel the same process happened to me internally. The visceral, rock-filled landscape was a perfect metaphor for my new beginning.



Gina Cholick is a Los Angeles based fine art photographer. Her work is driven by light and explores themes of desire, isolation and longing. She combines self-portraits and landscapes to evoke a sense of mystery.

Gina’s fascination with photography began when taking a summer class as a child in South Dakota. She was instantly hooked by the magic of the darkroom and the sense of adventure and connection to nature she found through her camera. She received a BA at Montana State University School of Film and Photography. She then began her career working as a lighting tech and producer in Seattle. Currently she lives in Los Angeles and works as a fine art and commercial photographer.

Her work is exhibited across the US in galleries such as the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, The Los Angeles Center of Photography and the San Diego Art Institute. She was a finalist for Critical Mass in 2017.