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Guy Needham

Member of the Month December 2019

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Artist Statement

Hadzade Brown series
In the dry season of 2018 Guy Needham spent time with the Hadzabe tribe in northern Tanzania, observing them hunt, cook and live in their unforgiving environment. The Hadzabe are considered Africa’s last true hunter-gatherers, and the tribe is so old that National Geographic calls them “the closest living relatives of the humans who first left Africa to migrate to the rest of the world.” The set of portraits he took while staying with them is testament to their subsistence way of living. Each image has been deliberately treated with a brown-hued grittiness to echo the rocks, bush and dirt of their surrounds, against a backdrop of baobab trees and volcanic boulders. The Hadzabe of Tanzania is the sixth in Guy Needham’s Tribal series which to date has included indigenous peoples in Africa, Asia, the Pacific and South America.



Guy Needham’s inquisitive worldview was shaped by growing up in rural New Zealand. Noted for his work with indigenous tribes, today he primarily draws on themes of identity within cultural narratives. His pared-down style belies its complexity and is designed to challenge the viewer – self-questioning Western society’s values and priorities in the age of more.
His images have been exhibited in New York, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Tokyo, Athens, Moscow, Los Angeles and Sydney, and been seen on the pages of National Geographic Traveler, Lonely Planet, Get Lost, AFAR, International Traveler and the Royal Photographic Society’s Journal. A member of the Royal Photographic Society, he also belongs to the Los Angeles Center of Photography, Griffin Museum of Photography and the Photographic Society of New Zealand.