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Jacinta Giles

Member of the Month March 2022

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Artist Statement

In finding new ways to compose, inhabit, and create encounters with the televisual, Giles’s experimental photographic practice challenges our habitual relationship with this seductive and invasive mode of representation. Through revealing television’s narrative gestures, textural layers, and shifting velocities, her work brings to light entirely new structures of digital matter—materializing our blind spots to the televisual’s fleeting contingency and its unique way of mediating our existence. As the impact of the televisual on the way we make sense predominantly goes unnoticed, Giles’s photographs offer an alternative pathway for seeing digital embodiment as part of our contemporary condition.



Jacinta Giles is an artist and researcher based in Brisbane (Meanjin), Australia. For 2022, she has work showing at Exposure Photography Festival, Calgary, Rotterdam Photo, Netherlands, and Tiradentes Photography Festival, Brazil. Giles’s work has been exhibited in Australia, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States and she has been a finalist in both national and international awards. Giles holds a PhD in Visual Art from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Australia. Her doctoral research investigated ways to account for contemporary photographic practices that reside in the continuum between the representational and abstract. Her thesis arguing that photographs, which are difficult to locate through conventional readings, can call forth new ways of deciphering our affective experience of everyday life and give voice to difference.