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Janet Milhomme

Member of the Month March 2021

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Artist Statement

Works in my “Edges of Memory” portfolio are composites created through the digital layering and piecing together of multiple images and altering color, contrast, exposure and other elements in order to give added depth and meaning to the final image.

“Edges of Memory” concerns itself not with things as they are but with how we remember them—memory as an altered reality, surreal and dreamlike. Memories are the shadows and forms that remain as the details of past experiences fade with time. Reality gives way to illusion and authentic places become imbued with the intangible emotions and impressions evoked by them, thus giving them a discrete presence in our minds. Many of the images are symbolic of the journeys and passages we undertake in our lifetimes, and of the passage of time and the deterioration of both memory and matter.




Janet Milhomme is a Los Angeles-based photographer and mixed-media artist. Her work is influenced by a career in journalism and an abiding interest in storytelling. While her subjects are varied and her portfolios distinct—spanning architectural, documentary and conceptual images—her common focus is on technical precision, artistic composition, and thematic expression.

Janet’s works have been published internationally in newspapers, magazines and books. She has received awards from many galleries as well as the New York Center for Photographic Arts, L.A. Photo Curator, N.Y. Photo Curator, Women in Photography International (WIPI), and the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for Women Photographers for two successive years. Her photos have most recently been exhibited in Tokyo, Japan; Athens, Greece; Barcelona, Spain; Providence, RI; New York, NY. Cambridge, MA; Fort Collins, CO; and numerous venues in Los Angeles. Her works are held in private collections throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.