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John D. Elliott

Member of the Month May 2017

Featured image for post John D. Elliott

Artist Statement

These images are part of an ongoing series, “The Human Pulse,” which John says, “…focuses on the universality of humanity, where I seek dynamic or interrelated movements of people within the depth of physical space.  There may be the pulse of youthful freedom and exuberance, which adds spontaneity or joy to the captured moment; conversely, there may be a sense of reflection by the subject.  I want to know more about the cultural or social conditions I encounter and strive, through my selection of venues and scenes, to capture the interest of the audience.  In some of the images there is an ambiguity of event or action, which elicits curiosity.  I believe questions are often just as important as answers.  The angle at which the scene is captured is important to me.  I strive for viewpoints that often appear in my dreaming state: floating somewhat above, sometimes even at a great distance, but still connected to the moment.”



John uses a Mamiya 645 film camera for much of his black-and-white work, although in the past five years he has also been working with the full-frame Nikons.  Many of his monochrome gallery images were printed traditionally, and selenium toned.

John is a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. State Department.  His postings have been to Washington, D.C.; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; and Rio de Janeiro. He joined the Foreign Service in 2011 after an 18-year career in advertising agency directing and corporate communications.    He is also the editor of Insigh Magazine (  John has held numerous community organization and volunteer posts, including founding and heading a medical NGO in Haiti for eleven months after the 2010 earthquake and serving as president of the Greater Atlanta Interfaith Alliance from 1996 to 2001.  With a BFA in Photography, John is a graduate of Ohio University and also studied Arabic at Harvard University and Portuguese at the Foreign Service Institute.  He speaks Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic and currently lives in the Washington, D.C. area with his wife and daughters.

Recipient of numerous awards and solo shows for more than twenty years, his photographs have been exhibited throughout the USA and in Latin America and the Middle East.  He is presently working on two series, “The Human Pulse,” and “Walls/Spaces” and has published a book on each.  For more images, see: