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Kevin Weinstein – Featured LACP Member, October 2016

Kevin combines the worlds of photojournalism and artistic photography to capture memories, moods, split-second moments, and momentous events.

A self-confessed voyeur prone to gaping at people longer than is socially acceptable, Kevin Weinstein uses his camera to extend, anonymize and legitimize his gaze. His resulting images are inhabited not only by captivating subjects but also the commingling of light and shadow, and the magic of the moment when they all converged just so. Here, the artist talks about his work.

What does “Street Photography” mean to Kevin?

It’s easiest to define street photography by what it is not. It is not set up; it’s candid. It is not sitting across the street with a long lens; it’s close up. It usually takes place in public, open spaces though there are exceptions to the rule. It is not shot in a studio nor is it landscape photography. Urban landscapes can be a part of street photography but it’s important that there be a sense of people even if there are no people in the images. Street photography is like reportage and photojournalism because of the candid approach and public spaces; however, street photography does not necessarily have any news value. It mainly is a study in the human condition. I think in the end, the one thing that all street photographers have in common is a curiosity about strangers, and one way to get inside other people is using a camera which acts like a license. Having said all that, defining street photography gives it parameters, which is unfair because street photography above all else is supposed to be fluid and free.

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