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Krysia Lukkason

Member of the Month February 2022

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Artist Statement

Photography is a natural outlet for me to take my observations, curiosity, feelings, and explore more deeply the inner workings of what moves me. I have an acute awareness of mortality that has existed since I was young and this plays a large part in my work. I am inspired by our external and internal landscapes and shadow selves, and am drawn to the natural world, animals, details, beauty, quirkiness, humor, magic, and the ordinary. The duality of presence versus the inevitable offers me a deep appreciation for fleeting moments. I generally work alone and this often comes through my work with isolated subjects that appear lonesome.

I primarily work digitally with a Canon 5d Mark II and a Fuji X-100V, but also have fun with film cameras like Mamiya Universal, Polaroid, Holga, and Diana.



Krysia Lukkason is a fine art photographer from Santa Rosa, California. Krysia draws inspiration from the landscape as she explores themes regarding the human condition, duality of life, and relationships with our internal and external environments. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography from California State University, Fullerton, which informs her artistic view and approach with the various ways our environments can be perceived and understood.

Krysia’s work has been included in a number of group and juried exhibitions at Los Angeles Center of Photography, PhotoPlace Gallery, SE Center for Photography, and PH21 Gallery. She has also been included in publications with Shots and F-Stop Magazines, and received awards with New York Center for Photographic Arts and Maine Media Workshops.

Krysia currently lives outside Atlanta, Georgia.