LACP’s First Annual Project Series Exhibition – “Project 2020”

LACP’s First Annual Project Series Exhibition – “Project 2020”

LACP’s First Annual Project Series – “PROJECT 2020”

Selected Exhibiting Artists:

Harvey Castro, Tracy Chandler, Lisa Cutler, Elisa Ferrari, Matthew Finley, Mimi Fuenzalida, Donna Garcia, Rohina Hoffman, George Katzenberger, Ann Mitchell, Jenna Mulhall-Brereton, and David Wolf

1st Prize: Tracy Chandler

Honorable Mentions: Ann Mitchell, David Wolf

May 7th, 6pm (PT) Project 2020 Artists’ Talk
moderated by Aline Smithson
Tracy Chandler
Ann Mitchell
David Wolf

May 8th, 6pm (PT) Project 2020 Artists’ Talk
moderated by Julia Dean
Harvey Castro
Jenna Mulhall Bereton
Elisa Ferrari

May 22nd, 6pm (PT) Project 2020 Artists’ Talk
moderated by Aline Smithson
Rohina Hoffman
Matthew Finley
Lisa Cutler

June 16th, 12pm (PT) – Project 2020 Artists’ Talk
moderated by Sarah Hadley
Donna Garcia
George Katzenberger
Mimi Fuenzalida
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We are pleased to announce the Los Angeles Center of Photography’s First Annual Project Exhibition – Project 2020! The exhibition will run from TBA, pending the pandemic situation. 12 photographers will be exhibiting a series from a body of work. Douglas Marshall will be present during the reception to say a few remarks.

Juror’s Statement:

After viewing nearly 200 individual portfolios, I found it incredibly difficult to select a dozen finalists. The projects exhibited, I feel, are those that most successfully accomplished the artist’s stated intent and were confidently edited, while providing a new platform for under-represented stories and innovative approaches to the medium. As in many portfolio reviews in recent years, a clear takeaway of interest and optimism for me was the prevalence of socio-political and data-driven work being made by contemporary photo-artists. Evidence of a universal need to do something and to stimulate dialogue when witnessing injustice or apathy. Many artists sought to address overlooked histories and stigmatized groups through aesthetically engaging and thoroughly researched work, some traveling great lengths on their own accord to complete their project. Others engaged with the chemical and physical aspects of photography, exploring its unique ability to skew time and “truth”, which traditionally it is assumed to faithfully represent with instant accuracy. In the end, each artist’s body of work submitted is worthy of honest critique, and I hope that each applicant continues down their creative path with renewed energy, inspired as I have been by the selected projects.

Douglas Marshall is an LA-based independent curator and consultant at Marshall Contemporary. Marshall was formerly Director at Peter Fetterman Gallery, Santa Monica from 2012-2017, and Galerie XII Los Angeles (2018-2019) producing over 60 exhibitions and art fairs dedicated to leading photographers across the history of the medium with a focus on humanism, landscape, pictorialism, and street genres. Through his current roles in the field, Marshall now works to bring emerging and innovative international voices in contemporary photography to the American market through collaborative projects with artists, galleries, and fairs.

Exhibition Dates: May 1st,2020 – TBA, pending the pandemic situation

Closing Reception: TBA, pending the pandemic situation

Gallery hours: We are closed until further notice. Please see the online exhibition below.

Photo above by: Jenna Mulhall-Brereton

View Project 2020 Online Gallery Here:

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