LACP’s Seventh Annual “Street Photography Around the World” Exhibition – Virtual Gallery

LACP’s Seventh Annual “Street Photography Around the World” Exhibition – Virtual Gallery

Photo by Mark Indig, top prize winner for a Series of Work

We are pleased to present our Seventh Annual Street Photography Around the World Exhibition! This virtual exhibition will run from April 22 – June 22, 2021, with a virtual opening night reception Thursday, April 22, 5 pm PST, 2021. The theme is “street shooting around the world.” The juror, Bob Patterson, publisher of Street Photography Magazine, selected images for exhibition based on creativity, originality, and quality.

Our virtual opening night reception is a public event and all artists chosen for the virtual exhibition will be invited. RSVP for the opening reception HERE

The Juror:

Bob Patterson, publisher of Street Photography Magazine developed a love for photography through his fascination with the black and white photos in Life and Look magazines as a child. After a career as an executive in the cable television industry, he founded Street Photography Magazine in 2013. His mission is to create a digital platform that gives street and documentary photographers the ability to showcase their work to a worldwide audience. As a photographer, Bob practices what he calls “real-life” photography, documenting life on the streets and stories of people in Central Virginia and beyond. He is also a life-long martial artist, avid traveler and curious to a fault.

Juror’s Statement:

Street photography is like the truth. It’s imperfect, messy, sometimes uncomfortable and usually very personal. When it’s good, the viewer feels something, whether it’s something positive or disturbing.

A strong street photo challenges the viewer to stop, look, think, feel and ask “why do I care?” It causes the viewer to return again and again because a subliminal aspect of the image resonates with their own life experience.

My selections reflect three criteria. First the strength of the visual elements of the images like composition, exposure, graphical elements, color, monochrome toning and so on. Second, does the photo tell a story and if so, what is it and how well is it communicated. And third, the most subjective element, the feelings or questions the image arouse in me personally.

The quality of the work submitted made my job very difficult and quite enjoyable. My sincere thanks to everyone who contributed their work. The stories told by your photos are very personal and we all appreciate you sharing them with the world. Thank you for your allowing us to experience your vision. It was an honor to serve as the juror this year. – Bob Patterson

Top Prize Winners:

For a Series of Work: Mark Indig
For a Single Image: Thouly Dosios (1st Place), michael rababy (2nd Place), Alon Goldsmith (3rd Place)

Selected Exhibiting Artists – Online:

Tracy Albert, Alexandra Avlonitis, Constance Brinkley, Cristobal Carretero Cassinello, Juan Cruz Ciambotti, Eric Davidove, Thouly Dosios, Never Edit, Kathy Gerber, David Glazier, Alon Goldsmith, Danielle Goldstein, Veronica Gray, Mark Holley, Ian Hunt, Mark Indig, David Ingraham, Gail Just, Doug Kaye, Paul Kessel, Marci Lindsay, Debra Oh, Jelisa Peterson, Basak Prince, michael rababy, Daniel Sackheim, Evan Siegel, Eric Smith, Todd Stern, Bob Tully, Greg Goyo Vargas, Mitchell Walker, Jon Wollenhaupt, Carl Young and Laura Jean Zito.

We invite you to view the Gallery by clicking on the images below. Enjoy!

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