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Lisa Guerriero – Featured LACP Member, May 2016

Artist Statement

Lisa Guerriero emigrated from Montreal to the suburbs of Los Angeles in the early 70’s.

Every summer of her childhood her parents packed up the car and went on vacation. Visiting places, such as San Francisco, South Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas. Staying in a variety of modest 1950s motels usually equipped with a vintage Coke machine and a kidney shaped pool.

At the age of 15 she was inspired by every aspect of Americana and was searching for a way to preserve it. She began borrowing her father?s 35mm camera and shooting everything from vintage motel signs to interiors of bowling alleys where her father spent most of his spare time.

Documenting the urban landscape has been one of her longest ongoing projects. She began her “Inside Urban America” series shortly after high school.

She now spends summers roaming across the US in search of these little gems nestled throughout the country. From a barbershop in Southern Ohio covered in wood paneling to a Chinese American restaurant in Northern Washington adorned in velvet flocked wallpaper. Each a sliver of urban America frozen in time.

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