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Lori Pond

Member of the Month April 2017

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My photography mirrors Buddhist Dogen Zenji’s quote: “Nothing in the entire universe is hidden.” I use a myriad of processes and cameras (film, video, digital, wet plate collodion, iPhone) to uncover both physical and emotional landscapes. I challenge the viewer to see beyond instinctual fear and question what is “real” in my series, “Menace.”  My series “Bosch Redux” recreates details from Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings. I use handmade props, wardrobe and specially-made prosthetics to create my work. My portraiture work depends either on self-portraiture, or strangers on the street. The series “Passengers” was made on a train trip, “1980s LA” is a quirky time capsule and “Strange Paradise” features tintype portraits of people who don’t seem to belong to any time period.

My award-winning photography has been exhibited in galleries and museums nationally and internationally. My work resides in the permanent collections of the Center for Fine Art Photography in Ft. Collins, CO, The Center for the Arts in Los Angeles, CA and at Morgan Stanley headquarters in New York and San Francisco. My “Bosch Redux” series has been featured in solo shows in Philadelphia and Costa Mesa, CA and appeared in online blogs such as “Adobe Create,” “Flavorwire,” “El Hurgador,” “Dangerous Minds,” “Neatorama,” and “Mental Floss.” “Bosch Redux” was featured in Issue 13 of Musee Magazine in 2016, and in LensWork Publishing’s book, “Seeing in Sixes,” also in 2016. “Shadow and Light” digital magazine featured “Bosch Redux” in its Jan./Feb. 2017 issue. I have self-published two books, “Lori Pond—Self” and “Arboreal.”