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Michael Chinnici ( is a New York-based photographer, author, creative director, and designer. He specializes in documentary photography, including visual storytelling, environmental portraits, and people. Vanishing Cuba is Michael’s first published book. The book includes a stunning collection of over 300 photographs and stories from Michael’s 24 trips to Cuba. Vanishing Cuba is about capturing the “Soul of Cuba.” Michael’s love affair with Cuba and the Cuban people comes through in this compelling and beautifully produced book, handcrafted in Italy. The collection depicts the changes Cuba faces as it emerges from more than 60 years of isolation and decay. Michael’s trips to Cuba have yielded tens of thousands of photographs, inspired thought-provoking and emotional stories, and created lifelong friendships. He has traveled the world working in all realms of photography: people, street, landscapes, motorsports, aerial, and fashion. He enjoys the challenges that various photographic disciplines present. He was introduced to photography by his father at the age of eleven. He began his lifelong love affair with photography using his dad’s WW II–era Argus C3 and a basement darkroom. Michael is the Founder and CEO of Photo Workshop Adventures, a premier photography workshop and tour company offering photo-centric cultural adventures in over 150 destinations in over 50 countries. Michael personally leads group and private photo tours and cultural adventures to many countries, including Cuba. He loves sharing his photography experiences and is a frequent speaker at events where he discusses his “Evoking Emotion” approach to photography. Michael spent the first 25 years of his career in marketing and design, heading up his own New York City advertising agency, Chinnici Direct, as the CEO and Executive Creative Director. In 1995 he co-founded New York’s first digital photography studio, Icon Digital. Using Hasselblad medium format cameras and Leaf Digital Backs, Icon was one of the first studios to perfect digital photography and RGB to CYMK conversions. When Michael isn’t on assignment, in the studio, or. on a global adventure, he can be found traveling the world searching for unique photo opportunities, exceptional hotels, and amazing restaurants. Vanishing Cuba is available in a “Silver Edition,” “Deluxe Edition,” and the collector series “Reserve Edition”—limited to just 300 copies. Click here for more information.