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Michael Grecco ( is a director and one of the top photographers in the world who has created iconic portraits of the most recognized entertainment stars, recently Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Will Ferrell, Penelope Cruz and Teri Hatcher. His movie “Naked Ambition” has been a hit movie winning critical acclaim. His award-winning still images are seen in trendsetting magazines such as Esquire, Time, Entertainment Weekly and Maxim. Michael has also photographed authors and scientists, skateboarders and musicians, and the locals he meets in his travels around the country. An accomplished lecturer and teacher, Michael is the author of the best-selling photographer’s guide Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait: The Art of Celebrity and Editorial Photography. He lives and works in Santa Monica, California.


LACP Interviews Michael Grecco

LACP asks Michael Grecco ten questions about his background, career in and beliefs about photography.

Los Angeles Center of Photography: What kind of photographer are you?

Michael Grecco: I consider myself a portrait photographer.

LACP: How long have you been shooting?

MG: Too many to count. Over 30 years.

LACP: Where did you get your training?

MG: As a newspaper photographer and then as a magazine photographer.

LACP: When did you know you wanted to devote your life to photography?

MG: At age 12 when I developed my first roll of film and made my first prints in the darkroom.

LACP: Did you ever come close to giving up?

MG: Never, I would not know what to do with myself.

LACP: Have you sacrificed anything by being a photographer?

MG: I have missed many a Halloween with my kids.

LACP: What have you gained by being a photographer?

MG: I have seen the world and met some of the most powerful and influential people in the world.

LACP: What classes do you teach at LACP?

MG: Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait based on my book

LACP: What do you love most about teaching?

MG: Giving back to the community.

LACP: What advice would you give someone who is thinking about making a career in photography?

MG: Works hard and never give up. Perseverance is the secret to success.