Photo by Chloe Meynier

Fine Art Certificate

This certificate must be completed online.

The Fine Art Certificate Program stirs creative thought and encourages students to closely examine the meaning or story behind their imagery. Students will explore their personal vision, creating work that will help them build start or build a portfolio. Seven courses (including two electives) are required to earn the certificate. (NOTE: Beginning students should complete the General Course of Study certificate program first before enrolling in the Fine Art certificate program.)

Step 1. Complete any four of the classes below before proceeding to Step 2:
1. Contemporary Fine Art Photography (offered once per year in Summer quarter)
2. The Photographer’s Eye – Part 1 (offered once per year in Spring quarter)
3. The Photographer’s Eye – Part 2 (offered once per year in Spring quarter)
4. Photographing in the Social Landscape (offered once per year in Fall quarter)
5. Creative Portraiture (offered once per year in Winter or Spring quarter)
6. The Art of Photography (offered once per year in Fall quarter)
7. Shooting with Intention (offered once per year in Winter or Fall quarter)

Step 2. Complete this class:
1. The Next Step (offered once per year in Winter or Fall quarter)

Two Electives
Complete any two classes of your choosing. (“Special Guest/Master Photographer” workshops and travel workshops are excluded.)


(Regular price for required classes and electives approximately = $3,365)
Tuition includes automatic Bronze Level Membership to LACP.)

Refund policy

Tuition is nonrefundable and nontransferable.


To enroll in the Fine Art Certificate Program, please pay the one-time candidacy fee of $250, then select the “Buy Now” button below and follow the prompts. Payment is required in full upon registration.



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