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Richard M. Smith

Member of the Month May 2021

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Artist Statement

My purpose is to alert people that we are all in this together. We are all human beings. We are all connected. Sometimes it takes a shot of someone making a statement using meaningful juxtapositions. It’s important to me that those people on the streets of Los Angeles know that we are all connected. And that I am no better no worse, than they. Truth is that a lot of us are just one paycheck away. Much of the time their stories are reflected in their faces, Whether it be on the subway or buses or on the street…their faces, their eyes tell the story.



An article written about me while working as Staff Photographer at the Tri City Voice Newspaper in Fremont,Ca says it best: “What may first captivate you about the work of freelance photographer Rick Smith is his unique perspective. Smith can transform a glass sky scraper – one you might pass by every day and hardly notice – an angular and beautiful work of art. He can peek beneath a pier – barnacles and all – and make it look inviting, a place to kick off your shoes, roll up your jeans, step into the water and explore. From his shots of the Sunol hills and sunsets on San Francisco Bay to the delicate dewdrops discovered on the inside of a Calla Lily, Smith’s work could be described as simply this: he captures the best in everything, from the mundane to the extraordinary”. “The creative part of picture taking intrigues me.” Smith says. “The process of seeing something, getting a picture of how you’d like it to come out and then photographing it and having look like you imagined is an incredible experience. And when it looks even better than you imagined, that is the icing on the cake.”