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Traditional Darkroom Printing with Richard S. Chow (In-Person Learning – Four Session)

Students will learn proper printing practices, from the developer to the stop bath to the fixer, as well as how to burn and dodge, add or subtract contrast, and how to mix chemicals. Lectures will include information about various paper choices and sizes, archival methods, and how to flatten and retouch fiber base prints.

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Digitizing Color, Black & White Negatives and Slides Using a DSLR Camera with Eric Joseph (In-Person Learning – One session)

If you have an archive of film negatives and slides you are probably used to relying on a traditional scanner to convert the images into a digital format for archiving, posting images on a website and/or creating files for printing. Guess what, there is a better way!  Copy those negatives and slides with your DSLR camera and a macro lens.  It’s faster, easier, better quality and never goes out of date.

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Seeing the Self: Storytelling Through Self-Portraiture with Cinthya Silverstein (Online Learning – One Session)

Explore the art of self-portraiture in a workshop that engages with this practice to consider how reclaiming our own visual narrative can support embodying ourselves more intentionally. During the workshop we will discuss the importance of creating our own narratives as we bring our visual selves into being, make a series of self-portraits and sit with each other to discuss the process.

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