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Photographing with Purpose with Greg Miller (In-Person Learning – Three Sessions)

Greg Miller’s unique teaching method works to connect your purpose with daily picture making while giving you the technical tools needed to make memorable photographs. Through class assignments, critiques and detailed instruction, Greg guides students to find what is most important to them at this moment in time and build strategies for making pictures happen on a regular basis by overcoming common fears

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Gorman on Portraiture with Greg Gorman (In-Person Learning – Three Session)

Join renowned photographer Greg Gorman for an immersive three-day workshop on portraiture, blending studio mastery with on-location expertise. Delve into the art of capturing the essence of your subjects in both controlled environments and natural settings. Learn Gorman's signature techniques for lighting, posing, and directing subjects to achieve striking portraits that resonate with depth and emotion.

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The Exquisite iPhone Landscape with Dan Burkholder (In-Person Learning – Three Sessions)

In this workshop we focus on the fine iPhone landscape, exploring the shooting, editing and stylizing techniques that will take you from casual captures to serious artwork. This workshop will open your eyes and pump your creative juices to craft images that you’ll be proud to share, exhibit and sell.

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