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Victor Ramos

Member of the Month November 2022

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Artist Statement

There are amazing things in nature, and this life, that are unseen. By using curiosity, science and technology, what is hidden by nature can become visible and enter into our awareness. This project is about showing that beauty and deep meaning can be found in the invisible. In this work, I highlight the beauty and strangeness of light’s quantum properties to show what pure energy looks like. In effect, light itself is the subject of this photography.

These images are made on platinum / palladium, cyanotype and gum dichromate emulsions. These emulsions are sensitive to ultra-violet light, a light color that we cannot see. I have used various ultra-violet light sources and glass and metallic objects to make visible and capture the beautiful and mysterious quantum mechanical nature of pure light energy.

I hope you like them.



Victor Ramos is from Los Angeles, California. Victor became interested in photography at a young age by watching his father take snapshots of the family with a 35mm Kodak camera. When Victor was 12, he asked to borrow the camera. His father never got it back. Victor has exhibited in the US and internationally including shows at The Los Angeles Center of Photography, the dnj Gallery in Santa Monica, the PlaxallGallery in New York, the Photoplace Gallery in Vermont, the HeadOn Photo Festival in Sydney, Australia, the Tokyo International Foto Awards and the Hariban Photo Awards, Kyoto, Japan. His work has been featured, reviewed and published in Lenscratch blog , A Photo Editor blog, Duncan Miller Gallery Daily Photograph, Fraction Magazine, L’Oeil de la Photographie and Digital Photo Pro Magazine. He is also a Review Santa Fe 100 alumni. Victor lives in Los Angeles, California when he is not on a walkabout in some far away locale.