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Kevin Weinstein

Kevin Weinstein

Angled arrow Education Manager

Kevin Weinstein joined LACP in 2017 and is the Manager of Programs & Events and Advisor and Counselor to the One-Year and Certificate Programs.

Before joining LACP, he ran his own photography business for 32 years first as a newspaper photographer and documentary photographer for magazines and photo agencies. On the newspaper side, he worked for the Sun (Bremerton, Washington), the Memphis Commercial Appeal, the Albuquerque Tribune, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Oakland Tribune, the Sun in Chicago, Illinois among many others.

After leaving the journalism industry in 2001, he went on to shoot high-profile private parties and special events in Los Angeles, New York, and exotic and cosmopolitan destinations around the globe for the rich and famous. His celebrity subjects include Rhianna, Quentin Tarantino, Samuel L. Jackson, Beyonce, Cardi B, Magic Johnson, Mario Lopez, the Kardashians, Christoph Waltz, and LL Cool J among others.

While he does not consider himself a photojournalist nor a street photographer, his love for photography is always expressed through realism and not conceptualism. He is a lover of light and all that it touches, and his little camera captures all the small wonders that go unnoticed by a society fixated on screens. It’s his reminder not just to seize the moment, but to occupy it fully and thoughtfully.

Kevin knew from a young age that photography was his gift and calling. He graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a degree in photography and went on to earn a Master’s degree in photojournalism from the top photojournalism school in the country, the University of Missouri-Columbia. His schooling is ongoing, as most of what he learns comes through his lens and the people he encounters. Kevin has received numerous awards, scholarships, and project grants throughout his career.

When the pandemic approached and shut down all business in 2020, he decided after 32 years he no longer wanted to make money with his camera. He officially closed his business in order to make his photography personal and more meaningful.