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LACP Work-Study Program

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As LACP has grown over the decades, we have cultivated a large following of students committed to our mission, growth, and survival.  The Work Study Program was created not only to help us make sure our classes have Course Assistants but also each of our gallery openings, Galas, art fairs, holiday parties and other events have ample staff to help make a smooth experience for those attending.  

We do not consider our Work Study Staff volunteers because they are such a vital piece to all that we do from our classes to our events.  We believe in giving back to them and for each hour our Work Study staff works, we gift them credit in exchange to take classes for free once they have earned the amount needed. With our Work Study Staff, we are able to offer the LA community and beyond compelling content, classes and events that would not be possible without them.

If you are interested in joining, please write to us.


We are truly grateful for the support of our entire work-study staff. Without the help of these folks our center simply couldn’t operate. THANK YOU work-study staff!


If you are interested in becoming part of our work study team, please contact us.