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Lighting & Portraiture Certificate

Lighting & Portraiture
© Aline Smithson


This certificate must be completed in-person.

The Lighting & Portraiture Certificate Program focuses on the technical and creative aspects of using artificial and natural light. Students will study studio lighting, still life, portraiture, and lighting location. For most of the classes, students will have the opportunity to practice with models. The certificate is composed of five required classes and one elective class.

(NOTE: Beginning students in photography should complete the General Course of Study certificate program first before enrolling in the Commercial certificate program.)


Step 1. Complete this one class:

  1. Introduction to Studio Lighting with Hugh Kretschmer (offered twice each semester)

Step 2. Complete these four classes in no particular order.

  1. Studio Lighting: The Next Steps with Hugh Kretschmer (offered once each semester)
  2. Portrait Studio Lighting with Kevin Scanlon (offered once each semester)
  3. Lighting on Location with Jennifer Emery (offered once each semester)
  4. Still Life Photography with Ann Elliott Cutting (offered once each semester)


Complete one elective class (NOTE: Elective classes can be taken at any time after completing Step 2 above)

  1. Hollywood Lighting in the Hurrell Style with Bobbi Lane & Lee Varis (offered once every other year)
  2. The Black and White Nude: Lighting Chiaroscuro with Ann Elliott Cutting (offered once each year)
  3. The Creative Portrait with Rania Matar (offered once each year – online only)
  4. Light Modifiers: Experiments in Mixing Light with Miranda Penn Turin (offered once every other year)
  5. Actor Headshots with Mark Atteberry (offered once each year)
  6. Artist as Subject: Strategies of Self-Portraiture with Jennifer McClure (offered once each year)



(Regular price for required classes and elective class is approximately = $5,200. Tuition includes automatic Individual Level Membership to LACP.)


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