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Nathalie Seaver’s “Deconstructing Beauty” Exhibition – March 16 thru April 24, 2019

Mar 16, 2019 – Apr 24, 2019

You are cordially invited to attend Nathalie Seaver’s Deconstructing Beauty exhibition at the Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP).

The Los Angeles Center of Photography is proud to present a one-woman exhibition of photographic collages by Nathalie Seaver entitled Deconstructing Beauty. The exhibition will open Saturday, March 16th from 5:30-7:30pm at LACP’s Hollywood center located at 1515 Wilcox Ave. and will run through May 3rd, 2019.

Seaver was the 1st place winner in the Annual LACP Member’s exhibition last July 2018, curated by Houston gallerist, Catherine Couturier and was awarded a solo exhibition.

About Nathalie Seaver

Nathalie Seaver is a Los Angeles based artist whose practice uses photography, collage, textiles and mixed media to investigate materiality, memory, and the complexity and beauty found in worlds within her reach.

Seaver grew up in New York City and Paris, with a career that included book illustration, a decade working in the television and film industry, and is currently a fashion designer and business owner. Her art is enhanced and informed by her connection to a lifetime of working in visual and tactile environments.

Her photographic collages have been included in numerous exhibitions, including the 2018 LACP Member’s Show, curated by Houston gallerist, Catherine Couturier where she garnered 1st place and was awarded a solo exhibition opening in March. Currently her work is on view at The Hive Gallery 5th Annual Alternative Process Photography show and recently her photographs were featured in Issue #23 of January 2019 The Hand Magazine.

Artist Statement

Deconstructing Beauty

“I frequently hear music in the very heart of noise”- George Gershwin

I am not embarrassed to admit I am drawn to things that are beautiful, but it’s more than beauty, it’s magic that is at the core of my art making. Growing up, I was of two worlds, that of France and my artist family’s encouragements, and New York, where I nurtured a work ethic and the drive to meld these two roads into one. As an artist, it is impossible for me to not intervene with my photographs, and for the series Deconstructing Beauty, I am exploring the visual language of contemporary photographs: the pixel, through the timeless subject matter of the natural world.

By turning the physical idea of the the pixel into something more feminine: the circle, I am expanding an image into something beyond the documentation of a beautiful object into a new incarnation of magic. This collaged act of adding to the photographic image is in direct reaction to the lack of materiality of photographs on a screen and a celebration of the photograph-as-object. As an artist, it also addresses my concern with how we document memory in a digital, rather than as a physical expression. Deconstructing Beauty is about destruction and augmentation that ultimately intensifies the photographic object into a new way of experiencing beauty.