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LACP’s Annual Faculty/Alumni Exhibition – 2020

LACP’s Annual Faculty/Alumni Exhibition – 2020

Opening Reception: TBA, pending the pandemic situation

Exhibition Dates: TBA, pending the pandemic situation

You are cordially invited to view our Annual Faculty/Alumni Exhibition.

We are pleased to announce the Los Angeles Center of Photography’s (LACP) Annual Faculty/Alumni exhibition! The exhibition will run from TBA, pending the pandemic situation, with open night reception TBA. The exhibition will feature photographs taken by LACP instructors, past/current students of LACP’s One-Year Professional Program, and past/current students from LACP’s alumni committee.

This exhibition will coincide with LACP’s First Annual Project Series exhibition – Project 2020.

Selected Exhibiting Artists:

Aline Smithson, Allie Learn, Amy Tierney, Ann Elliot Cutting, Bootsy Holler, Brandy Trigueros, Brent Winebrenner, Cathy Immordino, Craig Brandau, Cuc Du, David Ingraham, Douglas Stockdale, Eric Joseph, Erican Martin, Erin Davis, F. Scott Schafer, Gina Valona, Hilary White, Ian Spanier, Jamie Johnson, Jane Szabo, Jennifer Emery, Joaquin Palting, Johanna Siegmann, John D. Russell, Jonas Yip, Judy Wang, Juliet Hass, Kat Bawden, Lisa McCord, Lori Pond, Mandy Pacheco, Manuello Paganelli, Mara Tasker, Marjorie Salvaterra, Mark Edward Harris, Matthew Finley, Michael e. Stern, Michael Pliskin, Nathalie Seaver, Peter Bennett, Richard Chow, Rollence Patugan, Safi Alia Shabaik, Sally Ann Field, Sandra Klein, Sarah Rooney, Sean Blocklin, Stephen Schafer, Susan Burnstein, Todd Felderstein and Tye Edwards (subject to change).

Admission: FREE

Location: Los Angeles Center of Photography, 5566 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016


Parking: Street and residential parking available