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Timothy Baur‘s love of photography and film started as a teenager in Austin, Minnesota with a 35mm Vivitar camera and his passion for capturing images continues to this day. After soloing in a Cessna 182 at the age of 16, Tim’s passion for flight took root. He has been flying RC planes and helicopters since 1983. By 1990 he had his certified private pilot’s license followed by his commercial license in 1992. He flies both fixed wing and helicopters along with paramotoring. In addition, he is a seasoned drone pilot and camera operator. All these skills and talents have culminated into Tim’s ability to get shots on the ground or in the air.


LACP Interviews Timothy Baur

LACP asks Timothy Baur ten questions about their background, career in and beliefs about photography.

Los Angeles Center of Photography: What kind of photographer are you?

Timothy Baur: Commercial and advertising

LACP: How long have you been photographing?

TB: 35 years photographer, 20 years droneographer

LACP: Where did you get your training?

TB: Photography – ASU and apprenticeship/photo assistant with Robert Grigg.

LACP: When did you know you wanted to devote your life to photography?

TB: When I got my Vivitar camera as a teenager.

LACP: Did you ever come close to giving up?

TB: No, I kept knocking on doors, going to showings and calling people until that 1 person understood my work and hired me. If you come close to giving up, then this probably isn’t for you as you are always trying to get work.

LACP: Have you sacrificed anything by being a photographer?

TB: Steady income, schedule where you can make plans, missing family events and time with kids, security.

LACP: What have you gained by being a photographer?

TB: An independent, diverse life, meeting people from many walks of life, lots of travel, never bored, adventure.

LACP: What classes do you teach at LACP?

TB: Droneography

LACP: What do you love most about teaching?

TB: Passing on my knowledge to other people. Getting them passionate about images and how to shoot.

LACP: What advice would you give someone who is thinking about making a career in photography?

TB: Get classes in business and financial management, as there is more to being a photographer than just taking pictures. Get comfortable with constant change as you will be doing different jobs with different people regularly. Do not expect any job or financial security. Do it because you love it and for the art. If you want to do it for the money, become an accountant.