LACP’s Mentorship Program

We have hand-selected Master Photographers and Photography Professionals for this program who have the skills to guide you on your particular photographic journey. Through one-on-one meetings over the course of a year or six months, you can develop skills, complete a project, hone a portfolio or book or learn marketing strategies to ultimately pursue your photographic dreams.


How it Works

You may select either one Mentor to work with for an entire year or two Mentors to work with for six months each. The Mentors’ profiles are available on our website (see below for list of available Mentors), and many have personal websites, but feel free to call us (p: 323-464-0909) to discuss which Mentor we feel might be right for you and your project.

You and the Mentor will then be put in touch via email and will set up a time to have your first meeting via phone, Skype, or in-person (depending on location). From there you will discuss your goals and set up the schedule of meetings for the duration of your time. All communication with your Mentor will take place remotely via phone, Skype or email, so you can live anywhere in the world and still benefit from a Mentorship. (If you Mentor lives locally, meetings can also be arranged in-person.) Mentorships can start at any time.

In your first meeting, you and your Mentor should discuss your goals and aspirations for the duration of the Mentorship and create a timeline for your meetings. Each Mentorship will be slightly different, but you are guaranteed a minimum of eight sessions with one mentor (45 minutes per session), and four sessions each with two mentors (45 minutes per session).


Choose between:
1. One Mentor – six sessions; 60 minutes per session; within one year
2. Two Mentors – three sessions each; 60 minutes per session; within six months

Who it Benefits

Whether you have an idea for a project, a project that is just getting started, or one that is complete, but needs a little help getting it out in the world, our Mentors are there to assist you and to help you realize your goals. The right Mentor can help you get your endeavor off the ground and on it’s way.

Our Mentors have been carefully chosen from past instructors or portfolio reviewers. They include world-renowned photographers, consultants, curators, photo book professionals and more. They are all very accomplished and well respected in their fields and understand the hard work and dedication that goes into creating and sustaining a photo career. Many have worked as Mentors and thus have years of experience helping artists achieve their goals and taking their work to the next level.

The Mentors

Please note that some of our Mentors may only be able to work with one or two Mentees at a time. If their status is listed as “Currently Booked” you may either select another Mentor to work with, or be added to the wait list to work with the Mentor when he/she becomes available. To be added to the wait list for a Mentor listed as “Currently Booked,” please submit your request via the form at the bottom of this page.

Thomas Alleman – Commercial and Editorial Photographer, Photojournalist, Personal Projects for Galleries and Books, Teacher and Writer. – Status – Open.
Elizabeth Avedon – Photography Book and Exhibition Designer, Independent Curator and Writer. Status – Open. Available for six-month (four session) Mentorship only
Sherrie Berger – Photography Consultant, Editor, Producer, Curator. Status – Open
Susan Burnstine – Fine Art Photographer, Contributor, Black & White Magazine (UK). Status – Open
NEW! Dana Gluckstein – Award-winning Portrait Photographer and Human Rights Activist recognized for her touring museum exhibition, DIGNITY: Tribes in Transition and the book DIGNITY: In Honor of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Status – Open
Greg Gorman – Commercial, Celebrity and Portrait Photographer. Status – Open
Rainer Hosch – Fine Art Photographer, Portraitist, and Game Changer in NFT Photography. Status – Open
Ken Merfeld – Commercial and Fine Art Photographer, Educator. Status – Open
Ibarionex Perello – Street Photographer, Writer, Educator and Host of The Candid Frame Photography Podcast. Status – Open
Marissa Roth – Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photojournalist and Documentary Photographer, Lecturer, Editor, Curator. Status – Open
John D. Russell – Professional Photographer, Educator, Best Selling Author, and Philanthropist. Status – Open
Stephen Schafer – Large Format Mentor,Commercial Photographer, Member of the Freestyle Board of Advisors. Status – Open
Aline Smithson – Fine Art Photographer, Educator, Founder/Editor Lenscratch . Status – Currently Booked
Harvey Stein – Mentors book projects and putting portfolios/projects together. Author of 10 photobooks, street and portrait photographer. Status – Open
Michael e. Stern – Time-Lapse Film Producer, Documentary Portraitist, Speaker and Author. Status – Open
Douglas Stockdale – Photographer, Photobook Designer, Founder/Editor The PhotoBook Journal. Status – Open
Art Streiber – Freelance Photographer Specializing in Portrait, Reportage, Entertainment, and Advertising Photography. Status – Open
Sara Terry – Documentary Photographer and Filmmaker, 2012 Guggenheim Fellow in Photography. Status – Open
Brad Temkin – Fine Art Photographer and Educator. Guggenheim Fellow in Photography. Status – Open
Richard Tuschman – Fine Art Photographer, 2016 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Photography. Status – Open
Kevin Weinstein – Documentary Photographer, Educator, with Commercial, Event and Editorial Photography experience. Status – Open
David H. Wells – Documentary Photographer/Filmmaker and Award-Winning Photography Educator. Status – Open


$2,150 Non-Members; 1,950 Members (Consider becoming an LACP Member, as the cost of a LACP Membership is $95 for CA residents, $45 for out-of-state residents)

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Purchase Mentorship

To purchase a Mentorship, select either the Non-Member rate ($2,150) or Member rate ($1,950) in the drop down menu below, click the “Buy Now” button, and follow the prompts.

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