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Digitizing Color, Black & White Negatives and Slides Using a DSLR Camera with Eric Joseph (In-Person Learning – One session)

If you have an archive of film negatives and slides you are probably used to relying on a traditional scanner to convert the images into a digital format for archiving, posting images on a website and/or creating files for printing. Guess what, there is a better way!  Copy those negatives and slides with your DSLR camera and a macro lens.  It’s faster, easier, better quality and never goes out of date.

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Studio Lighting: The Next Steps with Hugh Kretschmer (In-Person Learning – Eight Sessions)

In this eight-session continuation class of Introduction to Studio Lighting, students will create their own sense of lighting design using advanced lighting techniques and specialized equipment. Students will progress towards fully understanding how to modify and control the quality of the light to create drama and mood in their imagery. 

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Working the Streets: Street Photography Basics with Ibarionex Perello (Hybrid Learning – Six Sessions)

This is a course that guides you how to creative a personal approach to creating photography in public, otherwise known as street photography. Ibarionex walks you through how he developed his personal approach to street photography and how it allows him to create a wide variety of imagery.? 

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