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Introduction to Location Lighting with John Lichtwardt (Six sessions)

Mastering the skill of lighting on location takes planning in addition to technical savvy. Photographers must be capable of scouting an appropriate location, assessing how time of day will affect the outcome, and determining what quality of light will best facilitate the mood of the picture. Will it be a blend of ambient and artificial light, or does the strobe dominate? Do we use direct or indirect light, hard or diffuse light? How do we adapt to organic changes in the physical environment? This workshop is designed to help answer these questions. 

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Speedlight Flash: On-Camera and Off-Camera with Jennifer Emery (Hybrid Learning – Three Sessions)

If you feel confident with a camera but less so with a flash and would like to master external speed-light flash technology, this class is for you. The goal of this class is to learn how to use a flash so well that the outcome looks like professional lighting utilizing TTL/SB flash units on and off camera.

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Introduction to Studio Lighting – Part 1 with Hugh Kretschmer (In-Person Learning – Six Sessions) – Oct 12

In this workshop, students will gain a solid foundation of studio lighting and practical knowledge of light. Working hands-on with the equipment, participants will learn how to select the proper light source for their subjects whether shooting portraits, still life or product.

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