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⌖ Circle Donors are passionate about ensuring the photographic arts remain available to the adults and children in our community. With a gift of $5,000, members of the LACP Donor Circle have committed to making a lasting impact on our organization.

We are able to continue what we do because of you. On behalf of our Board, staff, and the hundreds of artists who directly benefit from your generosity, thank you for your support and consideration of becoming a Circle Donor.

“I’m so proud to be a long-time supporter and donor of LACP. The organization provides incredible resources and opportunities for photographers of all levels. It’s an integral part of the Los Angeles community and has offered me a wide array of possibilities to grow as an artist. I strongly encourage anyone to become involved and support this amazing non-profit.”

Meet Our Donor Community

Our Circle Donors

  • Brian Gannon – First Member of the Donor Circle – Member since March 2020
  • Andy & Sharon House – Members since April 2020
  • Henry Steinway & Aline Smithson – Members since April 2020
  • Joan Haseltine – Member since April 2020
  • Bob Broder – Member since April 2020
  • Evan & Jean Siegel – Members since April 2020
  • Karen Constine & Ian Wright – Members since April 2020
  • Trey & Michelle Elkins – Member since May 2020
  • Sona Chandwani – Member since May 2020
  • Susan & Jim Clifton – Members since July 2020
  • Susan Napier – Member since July 2020
  • Victoria Pynchon – Member since December 2020
  • Michael Shulman – Member since October 2021
  • The Jiao and Duan Foundation – Member since December 2021
  • Lev L. Shapiro & Melissa Rosenberg – Member since December 2021